Suggar cooker for pastry and chocolate maker

Suggar cooker for pastry and chocolate maker

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Suggar cookers

This material is dedicated for cooking caramel, praline and jams.
Electric heating
Temperature setting from 20 to 200 ° C
Machine that can be delivered on wheels

Consult the documentation of the cookers

  CUISEUR 30L litres

CUISEUR 70L litres

  CUISEUR 90L litres

All stainless steel construction 304L
Simplicity of use, flexibility and easy to clean

Volume useful: 1/3 of the total capacity of the bowl (*)

Retractable scraper for scraping the walls of the bowl

Lid removable

Color Touch control panel

Accurate reading and quick reaction of the heating system

Machine delivered with CE certificate of conformity


Cooker 30

Cooker 70

Cooker 90


10 liters (*)

20 liters (*)

30 liters (*)

(*) Depending of the applications

Tailles Disponibles

30 liters, 70 liters, 90 liters

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